I hope this email series sheds a little light on the mystery around creativity and also the power it has in creating culture and changing the world. Nothing else has the power to transform the world we live like creativity.

Creativity is the thing that has made humans the dominate species on the planet. Using creativity to adapt, solve problems and innovate is our biggest advantage. These skills will only be more important in the future as robots and computers continue to replace humans in the workforce. Nothing will be more important than learning to be more creative, and hopefully you see it is something anybody can get better at.

If you embrace yourself as a creative person (and there’s no reason not to) you have access to unlimited potential and the power to have those results exponentially build over time.

If you didn’t before hopefully now you now see yourself as creative (even if you don’t feel creative). You now have access to the same tools that the most creative and innovative people do.

Learning how to be more creative is a life long journey, something you never reach an end goal. Especially if your goal is to disrupt and innovate.

Key things to remember

  • Everybody is creative, it’s not just for artists it’s for everybody.
  • Adopt a growth mindset where you believe you have the ability to grow and and improve. 
  • Look for storytelling, both that you do and others do. See how it shapes the world around us.
  • If you want to gain creative influence and create culture use Disruptive Creativity.

If you haven’t already downloaded the guide on 10 ways to 10x your creativity you can download it here. It contains tips and ideas that I return to time and time again to exponentially increase my creativity.

Staying inspired is one of the most I portent keys to creativity. If haven’t done so already follow our Instagram where we share content for creative inspiration and growth. 

Thanks for reading this whole series. If you have any questions or feedback don’t hesitate to email me.