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I’m Kevin Walker, Founder of Creative Carbon, and the main writer on our blog

It’s where I write about creativity and narratives, what they are, and how they’re used to create influence and change culture. Showing people how others have used creativity to change and influence the world around them.


I’ve worked in creative industries of all kinds for over 15 years and along the way I’ve seen creativity, along with disruption, to be an essential part of influencing and creating culture. Of course you don’t have to work in what people traditionally call “creative industries” so see this

Whether it’s through art, design or building a product that everybody uses, creativity changes and disrupts the way we live life, pushing innovation and humanity further and further. From famous “creative geniuses” like Virgil Abloh and Steve Jobs to “regular” people influencing their friends, environments, and workplaces around them.

Creativity is also quickly being seen as the most important skill to learn in the coming future, no matter the field.

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I’m always exploring ideas around creativity, disruption and narratives, and I share that information in articles and emails I write every week. The articles attempt to further empower people with information I’ve used and seen others use to create influence and change the world around them.

Over the next few days I’ve scheduled some welcome emails that address what I think are the most important ideas and concepts to help everybody get better at creativity. Including in the next email: 

The Most Pervasive and Destructive Myths People Believe About Creativity.


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